Monthly Archives: September 2009

E-Session | Maritza and Erwin

We met up with Erwin and Maritza for an awesome engagement session in Central Park in New York City. This session was especially special for me since Erwin and I are actually friends since childhood and this was the first time I was meeting Maritza. We all had a great time and can’t wait for the wedding next fall.

Though the park was busy, we were able to sneak in a few private shots here and there like this moment under a bridge.

An intimate moment then quick break for hot chocolate 馃檪

Congratulations Maritza and Erwin!!!!

E-Session | Nicole and James

We met Nicole and James at Benmarl Winery in Marlboro on the Sunday evening before Labor Day. Benmarl is a special place for them because it’s where James proposed. It’s not the venue for their wedding, but they thought it would be a great place to do their Engagement Session. There was actually a wedding taking place while we were there, but we managed to stay out of their way and take lots of pictures in all the hot spots.
Location: Benmarl Winery, Marlboro, NY – Thanks Bethany!
Makeup: Marisa Verdi, MAC Cosmetics



We performed a reenactment of the proposal on the hill overlooking the valley. Some customers walking around thought they were bearing witness to the real event, so when James stood up they all clapped and cheered and shouted “Congratulations!” – it was great.


Luckily we didn’t miss the big harvest, so there were ripe grapes on the vine.


Nicole looking gorgeous – her eyes are fantastic.


Her smile is great, even though we lose those bright green eyes.


These two really know how to work the camera. Shooting their wedding next May is going to be a blast.


I caught this intimate moment in the wine cellar through a metal gate at the bottom of the stairs.