Portraits | The ‘Z’ Family

It was the shoot that was just meant to be. Ginny contacted us with 4 days notice for a family portrait session to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. They are self-described “last minute type of people,” that seem to have the good fortune of things just working out.

Ginny and Mark were married 10 years ago at West Park Winery, the very place we met for the photo session. For them at the time, it was just a beautiful place to get married – they weren’t even living in the area. But recently they’ve settled locally, and were amazed that this special place is now so close by. Ginny thought this would be the perfect opportunity to surprise Mark with an intimate ceremony and picnic, so they could relive that special moment and share their happy memories with their two daughters. Ginny is also 8 months pregnant, so we took the opportunity to take some maternity shots as well.

It was wonderful to spend a couple of hours photographing such a sweet, amazing family. They really are incredible people and care for each other greatly. Here are a few of our favorite photos.
Venue: West Park Winery – West Park, NY
Ginny had special floral arrangements made in the likeness of the ones they had at their wedding.
Ginny and Mark were married under this wrought iron arch, and they’ve been lugging it from home to home for the past 10 years. An 8 months pregnant Ginny loaded it into the car by herself so that it could be there to surprise Mark for the anniversary celebration.
They have two beautiful daughters, and although they look nothing alike, they are both as sweet as can be.
We spent a few minutes focusing on the happy couple.
And we finished the night with a great family portrait on the swing.
Ginny and Mark, we had a great time photographing your family. I hope that the emotion captured in the photos always reminds you of the love and happiness you shared on that day.

– Nick and Eddy

Miscellaneous | Hunter Mountain

A couple of weeks ago we went with some friends to Hunter Mountain in Hunter, NY for their Oktoberfest celebration. The lift was running so we were able to head up to the top of the mountain and take in the beginning of the fall foliage season. There was actually a wedding ceremony taking place and the guests were coming down the mountain as we were going up. We got to the top just as the photographer was finishing the bridal portraits. All I can say is wow – what an amazing place to get married.

Can you imagine saying your “I do’s” with this as your backdrop?


They hadn’t taken down the wedding decorations and we used the opportunity to snap some portraits of Amanda and Mike.


There was a nice mix of green, orange, red, and yellow in the trees, and the clouds created some big shadows on the countryside below.