Lauren and Mark · Syracuse NY Wedding Photos · Sneak Peek 2

A sneak peek of Lauren and Mark’s Syracuse NY Wedding Photos from this past weekend!


Lauren and Mark walking down the street.


Franklin Square.


Butterfly broach, in memory of Lauren’s Grandfather.


A fun photo of the Bridesmaids.


Lauren and her father share a moment before walking down the aisle.


Bridal party in Franklin Square Park.


Lauren and Mark at Franklin Square Park.


Bridal portrait at Franklin Square.


Lauren and Mark’s first dance.


Lauren hugs her father during the father-daughter dance.



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2 thoughts on “Lauren and Mark · Syracuse NY Wedding Photos · Sneak Peek

  • Laurie & Glenn Sparling

    Nick & Eddie,
    Your photography work is absolutely beautiful! We could not have found a better choice if we had searched the world over! The two of you have captured the love and beauty of this special day and made it last forever for Lauren, Mark and their family and friends! We are forever grateful for that! The love and passion you have for what you do is certainly evident in your work! You were a calming force on a day that could have been filled with anxiety but instead with only love and excitement for the future! Your gentle spirit and sense of humor helped make it an awesome day! We sincerely thank the both of you from the bottom of our hearts for playing such an important role in Lauren and Mark’s wedding day! Oh,and of course Nick, for being the big brother she never had !! We love you and are very proud of the work you do! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You guys are the BEST!!!

    Laurie and Glenn

  • Lauren & Mark

    Dear Nick & Eddy,
    Mark & I cannot possibly express the abundance of our gratitude towards you both. The day I found out that you were not only willing but honored to photograph our wedding, was a joyous one to say the least. Mark and I never expected our family to work at an event that we hoped you’d instead sit back and enjoy. Little did we know, this would be one of the most special times we’ve ever had with you, Nick, my “big brother” and your amazing parter Eddy! Not many people can say they’ve know their photographer for 29 years! Nick, From the beginning of our engagement until big day, you were the support and reassurance I needed. Thank you for being so selfless, compassionate, and keeping me calm. Nick & Eddy, I’ve only seen a glimpse of you work and I’m in love! Your work captures love in a way that you can actually feel it just from one photo. Thank you for your kind spirits, your contagious smiles, your dedication, your gentle demenour, your zest for life, and the comfort of knowing you had everything under control. Thank you for the looks of reassurance when I needed them. I knew I could look up and see someone who loved us, and it’d all be okay. No other photographers would’ve ever been able to capture Mark & I the way you both did. I love you, I’m grateful for you, and because of you, the love of family and friends on our very special day will be remembered forever. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!